5 Ways I Organize My Life & My Mind


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Let me be the first to admit, I like things clean, organized and uncluttered.  Let me also be the first to admit, that keeping things clean, organized and uncluttered  can be quite a challenge for me.  When my home and work space are clean and organized my mind space is as well and that’s when quality work gets done. If there’s  disorganization around me, my mind space becomes cluttered and life becomes overwhelming and stressful. 

To help me along my way and avoid allowing too much clutter take over, I have come up with some easy ways to clear out space, in my home and in my mind.

Here are the 5 ways I keep my life and mind organized

1. Calendar & Reminders:  Since I began my business, writing things down has been a life saver for keeping me organized.  At first I thought my mind could just remember, the meetings, classes, and don’t forget the kids dentists appointments, carpool days, the list seems endless, am I right?  Even if I don’t have the wherewithal in the same moment to put something in my calendar, I do call Siri and set a reminder to remind me to put the meeting in my calendar.  So next time you know you should put something in your calendar do it and if not, set yourself a reminder to do it later.  You’ll thank yourself.

2. Google Drive:  I literally just did this today.  My Dropbox was completely full and I still had files to dump there and then I asked my hubby how to move these to Google Drive.  You guys it was copy paste easy.  My computer just got so much organized and easier to use.  My files are so much most accessible and I don’t have to schlep my laptop with me wherever I go because it’s all on my phone, easy peasy.

3. Journal:  I have discovered that waking up 15 minutes earlier, (yes that’s all) and writing in my journal is one of the most useful things I have done for myself.  I wake up and write for 5 minutes.  Writing down my intentions for the day,  what I  dreamt about or what I want to forget about is a powerful tool that clears space in my mind.  What’s clutter in your mind becomes clear on paper.  You will thank yourself.

4. Worry Time:  I have found a way to stop worrying during the day.  I have an event set on my phone called, “Worry Time”.  It goes off at a certain time during the day and that’s my scheduled time to journey off to future-land (where no one’s been anyway) and worry.  I give myself 10-30 minutes each day. (depending on what kind of day I’m having;).  So when worry and anxiety pop into my mind and take me away from the present moment, I simply remember that it’s not my worry time, I giggle a little, breathe and come back to the present moment where peace is.

5. Meal Planning:  Now that my kids are older this has become a life saver as well.  I have one day out of the week, usually Sunday, I deem, food prep day.  I buy some ground beef or chicken and make patties, cover them in baking sheet paper and place when in a freezer safe box in the freezer.  They can pull one out and cook it up.  On this day I prepare a cheesy lasagna to freeze and a Turkey Bolognese.  Together with some rice or pasta and salad they chop up themselves, I feel like I’ve created significant space both in my mind and in my kitchen.

The most important aspect of keeping your life and mind organized is to be aware of what’s around you.  A nice plant or a picture that soothes you can be a wonderful reason to keep the area around you uncluttered and you can gaze at it while taking a break from your busy life.

What do you do to clear space?  Let me know in the comments section and if you like what you’re reading here come visit my website at www.rachelgolan.com.

Have an amazing day!

CIJourney Clarity Catalyst &
Transformational Coach


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