5 Ways To Raise Your Vibe

“The Universe doesn’t hear what you’re saying. It feels the vibration you’re offering” -Abraham Hicks

In this post I am going to give You 5 ways to raise your vibe, so You will know exactly what to do when you’re feeling down as well as what to do when you’re feeling amazing.   These ups and downs are all part of our individual journeys, therefore, recognizing and acknowledging them become crucial to learning all the lessons they bring.

In order to raise your vibe and build positive momentum, as we’re living our lives, it’s important to have some tools.   With these 5 Ways To Raise Your Vibe, You will have those tools to begin extracting the wisdom that comes with these ups and downs.

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When we’re feeling awesome we often forget about the down times, so reminding ourselves what it feels like is a struggle.  But, if we ride the slippery slope of the down moments we may find ourselves in a full on depression or self-loathing, and we don’t want that, so raising our vibe and building positive momentum are key

These 5 Ways To Raise Your Vibe will guide You to the clarity you’re looking for in those down moments and how to access those high moments when You need them the most.   Especially when what we focus on and  what we do while we are living those moments is creating what unfolds next.

Here are 5 tools You can use right now to raise your vibe and build positive momentum so You can begin creating a life You love and are excited about.


  1. Ground yourself

    Find a quiet place on the floor, take a few deep breathes and imagine yourself growing roots into the earth. Feeling the energy of it and stay there for at least five minutes. As You return to the “here and now” see yourself grabbing on to a piece of that energy, and take it with You.

  2. Connect with a friend

    call your bestie or your mom or whoever it is that uplifts You.  Let them know you’re feeling down.  Let them know you’re calling to release.  Let them know exactly what You need in that moment and allow them to support You.  You may just need someone You trust to listen…let “your person” know that.  Not only will You feel relief, You are also giving that person permission to call on You when they’re in need. (Imagine the support you’ll be free to give them).

  3. 1 on 1 with You

    Stand in front of a mirror and have a heart to heart with yourself about what’s got You down.  Start by giving yourself five compliments. If it’s difficult for You; warm up by imagining your uplifting your best friend and say what You would say to her/him, then gradually replace your friends name for your own.  Allow yourself to go all out, but remember to ease into this tool, especially if this is your first time.

  4. Write about it

    Grab your journal or a piece of paper sitting on the table and WRITE IT OUT ️.  Whatever it is that has You down.  If going to specific evokes negative emotion from You , then stop and go more general.  The idea is to take it out not to relive it.  When you’re done throw it out.  Now write your script the way You want it to play out.  Remember You are the director, producer, writer, costume designer…EVERYTHING in this script, write it exactly how You want it to be.

  5. Take a nap

    When you’re feeling defeated and just don’t have the wherewithal to do anything; take a nap. Even if only for 10 minutes on the couch. When You awaken immediately visualize how You want to feel and what You want to do when You get up.  Hold on to that feeling once You get up and begin a new task.  You may even find some new ideas for a task You were previously working on.

Daily Practice

Once You get turn these tools into a daily practice and get some positive momentum going, continue to be aware of it and do things that will add to the momentum of what You want.

Raising your vibration and building positive momentum is a daily practice, BUT once You it becomes a part of your daily routine, You will begin to feel relief and when those downs come around (and they always do) You will know what do it.

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Have a blessed day my friends.