With so many people waking up to their spirituality and becoming more aware of the importance of self love and feeling good, it is important to remember that along the way your journey is being paved.

Think about it like this.  You’re going through life with contrast occurring, and the  lessons learned after.  You’ve evolved and things look brighter than before the contrast, and life continues. Once you understand that contrast is a good thing since it brings you knowledge, understanding, and a more evolved being, you can view it in a healthy light and appreciate it for what it is.  This will give you much more clarity while actually experiencing the contrast.

So, you’re flowing through life, everything seems great and time goes by.  Everything is the same same, you start to get bored, humdrum.  But how can that be? You wanted what you now have, it’s manifested, you’re living it, but after some time it just turns into the day to day…That’s when the creating comes in.  Desires you have asked for are manifesting and along the way come some “logs in the forest”…those logs are CONTRAST.  Contrast is what I like to call the logs in the forest.  They are the obstacles that come along in your life, while you’re on your journey.  When contrast comes most people get angry, lash out, or get depressed, but once you understand what contrast really is and why it’s there; your perception of contrast will change. Then you will have all the information to choose a new perspective or not.

Although it doesn’t always make it better.  When I’ve bumped into a “log”, one of my favorite things to say to myself is, “Great, contrast and things seemed to be going so well, what could possibly be coming next.” (Sense the tone.) Whenever I find it challenging, I know it’s best to meditate, even though I can’t seem to quiet my mind. When I eat foods I wouldn’t normally eat, I have to remind myself to be gentle with myself.  Because you know what?  Even when I know better, sometimes it’s enough to just say to myself, “You know what, it’s okay to’ feel this sadness, or frustration, or anger, or jealously or whatever it is…feel it”.  Imagine looking at yourself and saying, “Man this is not good, so you did (fill in the blank), or said, (fill in the blank), or let whoever push your buttons.”  Let yourself feel whatever it is and once you give yourself permission to feel it, it will make things that much easier to get through and hop right over that log.

So there  is contrast; maybe your partner, your boss, or the driver that just cut you off.  Whatever is that giant log with no way to walk around it, staring you in the face, stop right there and consider your options.  First, obviously, you can lose it, but we’re not going there. Next, stop and think, why is this happening?  Stay calm and remember, whatever is happening is there to teach you something. The first thing is that you remain calm.  There is no situation that will ever require you to sacrifice your well being so DON’T. Blowing your top, although an option, is not a good one. Let’s find a better one:).

Say what you want to say. There’s no need to defend yourself at the expense of your well being, but while you’re going through it feel your feelings. Find a friend you trust and let her or him be your go to person to release this energy.  You will notice that as the days go by you gradually begin to feel better, whatever the topic of the contrast was; a fight over kids, finances, your boss, whatever.

So next time contrast stares you in the face you will be ready for it.
Feel good.

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