Almond Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies

First let it be known that I am a person who loves sweets, loves eating healthy, and loves staying strong and lean.  Which is why these cookies are so wonderful.  This is where my hard core belief was born that for every food there is a healthy or healthier option.

Growing up with migraines triggered by food, I was always looking for something to replace all the foods I couldn’t have.  For instance, I always  swapped out carob for chocolate , or tofu for cheese.

As an adult, I find myself living my life this way as well.  After realizing I had a gluten sensitivity, I swapped out wheat bread for buckwheat bread, which contrary to it’s name, does not contain gluten, and cows milk for almond milk, sugar for organic stevia or coconut sugar, white rice for brown – you get the idea.

So when I realized my glorious chocolate chip cookies that my children love were no longer something I could enjoy, I got to switching things up.  I thought, if I can perfect a healthy alternative, I’d be able to enjoy my cookies and my kids wouldn’t be missing anything.

After more than a little trial and error I have found a way to satisfy everyone.  So if you are interested in really good chocolate chip cookies that are actually good for you, I invite you to give these a try and let me know what you think.

(There is a magnifier on the upper right side of the screen next to the url address so you can read the recipe with ease).



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