Going After What You Want vs. Allowing Things To Come To You

Lately, I have been having this inner conflict with myself between going after what I want versus letting go and allowing things to come to me.  So I decided to dedicate this blog post to that conflict.

I have always felt like there are two parts to me.  The one that believes if I want something I better go after it and the Zen me who believes I should let go and let things come to me.

I have learned over the years that having desires and setting intentions, are very powerful tools.  But how much action is required to get to those desires?  How much can my intentions really influence what I want?   I can answer these questions in retrospect since I’ve seen for myself firsthand how this process works.

First and foremost you must set your intention.  Say it out loud, say it with conviction, and say it as if it already exists.  Of course just saying it and meaning it will not be enough to make it happen in the real/physical world.  Have your intention be something in which you can submerge yourself, whether it be in thought, looking at pictures of what it may look like, or my favorite, using your imagination to journal what you see into words.

Action is something one does to feel as if they are making progress; but no manner of action will get you what you want if it doesn’t come from inspiration.  This is where the letting go part fits in.

Letting go is like saying to the Universe, G-d, or whoever, “I’ve let you know what I want, let the unfolding begin.”

Once you have a clear picture of what you want, any action you take will be best utilized if it’s inspired.

Inspired action is the feeling you get, when you’ve manifested a thought that moves you into action.  It’s when your thought leads you to an action and there is no doubt whatsoever.  You know what I’m talking about, it’s happened to all of us. But then, some of us let doubt creep into our inspired thoughts and actions.  That doubt stems from beliefs that have been ingrained in our minds.  Maybe as a child someone told you, you couldn’t do that.  You weren’t talented enough or pretty enough, or smart enough.  Those voices are your, as my coach ,Jennifer Grace, calls them, “itty bitty shitty committee”, and they are there to fill you with doubt.  Don’t listen.  You are not that little kid. You are an amazing, capable human with special gifts that no one else has. If you allow those voices to take over, the entire world will miss out and you will be absent to your true purpose and special talents that you were meant to bestow upon this world.

Once you set your intention, give up any expectations of how it will come into fruition.  Just go for it.  The worry part is just your “”itty bitty shitty committee” trying to psych you out.  If you can dream it; you can have it.

Don’t make the mistake of running after people to get what you want.  Decide what it is you want to do.  I for example, have a desire to meet more like minded people, so I started adding people to my social media accounts who I thought would be interested in what I was doing. After less than a month I found myself with followers and people who were interested in me and what I was doing.  All done from my kitchen table.  That doesn’t mean that I’m not going after what I want; I am. But I’m doing my thing, reaching out to those people and allowing myself to receive what I want.  And when I receive an inspired thought to take action, I do it.  I do not let any doubt get in my way.  I cannot emphasize that enough.

Along the way, I have been taking courses and meeting even more people in my tribe.  It’s a balancing act and I’m in control of the scales.

“Just do it”, I told myself.  I always wanted to have a blog but constantly worried about the how and what and where and ahhhhh! I was making myself crazy.  Once I set my intention to do it, and took the inspired action, it was done.  And you know what?  It wasn’t scary and it wasn’t hard.  As soon as I realized that, I knew I had to get the message out.

Also, of equal importance was the releasing of my expectations of how and when my desires would become real.  It was one of the most freeing things I’d ever done.  As long as I have a vision and I fill myself with belief, I can release my resistance and know it will happen.  Inspired thoughts have been leading to inspired actions like never before.

Creating accountability has also been important in getting things done.  Give yourself a deadline.  Stick to it.  Know that you are the one in control of your success.

Finally, always remember you cannot fail. Whatever is not working for you consider it to be the Universe telling you that this is not for you.  Perhaps you will be led to a new desire while on your journey.  In any case, whatever you are dreaming about right now will only evolve into your next desire, and so on.  The lessons you will learn and the experience you will gain will only make you stronger and smarter in the future.





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