3 Ways to Transform Motivation into Inspired Action

Ever wonder why we rarely feel motivated?
It’s really quite simple.
We will never be motivated to do something we don’t want to do…period.

Here’s the good news. 

I am going to present 3 ways to transform motivation into inspired action.  Three ways where you can actually fall in love with tasks that you previously felt were tedious, boring, or you just didn’t feel like doing them.

Here are the 3 ways you can transform motivation into inspired action.

1. Understand Your Why?

The first step to transform motivation to inspired action is to ask yourself, Why is it that I want what I want?

Understanding your why will give you the inspiration you seek.  Understanding what it is that you want is great, but WHY you want it is quite another story.  Why do I want this job? Why do I want this relationship? Why do I want to feel better?  Once you have your why (and you can have as many as apply), you are ready to move forward and

2. Focus On Your Endgame

The second step to transform motivation to inspired action is to focus on your endgame. We all want what we want for all kinds of different reasons.  We tend to drop the ball because in order to get what we want we have tasks that challenge us along the way.   If you are someone who looks at those tasks and challenges as obstacles or hard work, requiring motivation, then my friend I’m sorry to say, but this motivation you seek, is not seeking you.

Next time you want to transform motivation to inspired action – 
flip it, and switch out the word obstacle for opportunity.  Notice how it makes you feel when you think about these tasks using your new perspective.

Truly transforming motivation to inspired action

Continually focus on your endgame.  Look again at your why.  Feel the passion you have for what you want.  Feel the reason for your why.  Now take another look at that task you have in front of you.  You can not get to your endgame without these tasks and challenges.  The feelings  and wisdom you acquire along the way…you want that.  Take that passion for your endgame and place it on the tasks that will nudge you along. Remember how passionately you want it and those tasks and challenges along the way will become more and more inspired.

3. Cultivate Inspired Thoughts

The third way to transform motivation to inspired action is to begin cultivating inspired thoughts.  The quickest way to get to inspired thoughts is through repetitive affirmations.  If we want to cultivate inspired thoughts we begin with affirming, “I look forward to being inspired to (fill in the blank).  Say it in your mind, write it down in a journal or notebook over and over between 50-100 times a day.  Make it your mantra.

The short answer to why we don’t want to do what we don’t want to do:

For whatever reason (usually rooted in our childhood experiences) our subconscious minds has programming going on in the background, telling us what we do or don’t want to do and our belief systems and more.  Unless we are aware of it, we are running on programs that no longer serve us.  Some of which were already set up for us even before birth.

Transforming motivation to inspired action

Means we must be willing to accept that these programs exist, and that they are controlling why we believe what we believe.  Knowing that we have the power to change them is a superpower we all possess.  The only way to change these programs is by affirming what we want consciously and continuously.

“We unconsciously live by a set of memorized behavior, thoughts and emotional reactions all running like computers behind the scenes of our conscious awareness.” -Dr Joe Dispenza – Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

Let’s say Sam works at a corporate job she doesn’t like.  She wants to feel more freedom to start doing what she loves but feels  it is not possible for her.  She makes lots of money but has no time for her family.  I would have her affirm: “I am worthy of doing a job that I love.” Or if she wanted to go more general, I would have her affirm, “I am willing to release the thoughts in my mind that no longer serve me and  be consciously aware of the new thoughts I’m attracting.”

The 3 ways to transform motivation into inspired action, as described above, works for everyone. 

I urge you to go forward with ease.  Anything you do that feels hard or heavy is a sign that it’s not inspired, rather forced.  This kind of forced action, in my experience, end up a waste of time.  Why? Because once the inspiration hits, the tasks become effortless. Whatever you did during that hard, heavy time, was more likely than not was a waste of time.

Most of us feel unmotivated to do things we don’t want to do. This is totally legit because none of us want to do something we don’t want to do! BUT when you find a way to allow the  inspiration to flow towards those things…ahhhh that’s the ticket.

Start with the inspired thought you want to receive.
Affirm, “I look forward to being inspired to do (fill in the blank).”
Say it over and over, write it down. Make it your mantra.

Remember, when it comes to long term goals, focus on the end game.  That way, when tasks come along that you feel unmotivated to do, you can re-focus on your long term goal and find inspiration in there.

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”
Dr, Wayne Dyer

Wishing you all a wonderful day filled with new wisdom and joy.

Smile BIG:)

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