5 Steps to The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is this:
You don’t attract what you want.  You attract who you are.
Dr. Wayne Dyer


The definition of Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on.  Which means, as humans we have the ability to turn our thoughts into things.  Don’t be fooled though, it’s not as easy as just thinking happy thoughts.  There is a bit more to it.

In this post I will give you a clear explanation of:

1.  How The Law of Attraction works
2.  Why you’re attracting what you’re attracting
3.  How to begin manifesting what you really want
4.  Begin the process of self-awareness
5.  Regain the power you were born with.

How it works

As humans we are energy.  The Law of Attraction sees to it that we are emitting the exact same energy we are receiving, just like a magnet.  What we’re thinking, feeling, and telling ourselves is what we are receiving from the Universe, other people and situations. Our current situations and circumstances prove this.

Take a moment and think of a situation in your life that no longer serves you.  This could be a relationship, career, where you live, etc.  Now write it down.  All of it.  Don’t be afraid to write down your fears, or negative feelings.  Think of it as taking the garbage out.

After you’ve written it all out take out another piece of paper and write down what you do want.  Go all out, but remember to only write down what you believe for you.  So if you’re looking to manifest money don’t write, “I see $100,000.00 in my bank account” if all you can see is $45,000.00 in your bank account.  You can always modify once you’re feeling it.

Once you’ve written it all down, place your letter to the Universe, G-d, Fairy Godmother (whatever name suits you),  in a box, bury it in the yard, burn it if you like, just surrender.  Allow the law of attraction to do it’s work.  Think of it like making an order at a restaurant.  You wouldn’t give your order to the waiter then go  harass the waiter over and over making sure he wrote it down right.

From now on every decision you make will reflect what you’ve written.  Your choices will lead in the direction of what you want. For example.  If you want to move, begin looking at homes in a place you do want to move to. Or if you want to begin making more money, spend your spare time looking for ways to earn extra income.

The more momentum (energy supporting what you want), you have about what you’re thinking and feeling will show by how much and how quickly the law of attraction is manifesting for you.

Why you’re attracting what you’re attracting  

The Law of Attraction and our manifestations are everywhere around us. Look around … everything around you right now is a result of law of attraction.  What you’re seeing, what you’re feeling even what you’re doing are all things you have manifested into your reality.

If you are unhappy with your financial situation, step back and take a look at how you feel about money.  What’s the mantra you tell yourself over and over about money?  To help you on this journey, think back at the money mantras your mother or father had.  Chances are you’re money mindset is attached to what you heard growing up.

Same with love.  If you’re in a relationship that is unsatisfying, step back.  Write down what you don’t like and on a separate piece of paper write what you do like.  Detaching from a situation you are emotionally involved with is not easy.  This is the key to understanding why we do what we do.

How to begin manifesting what you really want

To begin using the law of attraction deliberately to manifest what you really want, check in with yourself.  What are your thoughts about it?  Are you saying negative things to yourself, about yourself, on this subject?  Simply changing the conversation you’re having with yourself about this subject is a huge step towards manifesting what you want.

Use any example such as; your relationships, weight, health, finances. Any example will do.  Instead of telling yourself, “I hate this thing about myself.” Focus on what you do like about yourself and say, “I love this about myself”. Do the same when telling yourself “I’m never going to get through this.” Say, “Nothing is permanent.” Whatever it is, you can begin to make a change by changing the momentum you have behind your belief and by changing the way you speak to yourself about it.

Begin the process of self-awareness

Here’s a law of attraction exercise you can do to begin waking up and becoming aware of where your thought and feeling currently stand on any subject.

Take a piece of paper and on the left side write down all the negative words you use throughout the day.  Take it with you and each time you use a negative word either out loud or at yourself write it down.  At the end of the day take out the paper and make a straight line to the right of the words.  Now on the right side of the paper write down the opposite or positive word that corresponds to the negative one.  Now draw a big red X over the left side leaving you with only those beautiful positive counterparts.

Practice using those words every day.  Each time you catch yourself using one of those old negative words just smile and giggle at yourself a bit and say, “Oh I used to say those things to myself, but not anymore.” and replace it with one of those beautiful positive words.  If you do this every day, not keeping score just doing it until it becomes second nature to you, you will begin to see a change.  You will begin manifesting feelings of love for yourself which is by no means a small feat if you’ve been feeding yourself negativity for many years.

Regain the power you were born with.

Using the Law of Attraction to regain your power is your birthright.  You are a magical, spiritual being.  You are worthy of it all.  You are sacred.  Once you begin these practices you will wake up to this reality and begin manifesting feelings of love, worthiness and knowing.  These feelings are the beginning of your journey.  A journey that will allow you understand why you are getting what you are getting, as well as manifesting what you really want.

Everything is always working out for you.

Every person born on this planet was born with power. Power to attract whatever energy is being emanated from you, through the Law of Attraction. The ability to create your reality by lining up or feeling your way to the energy of what you want. The ability to feel free. The ability to have or do or be whatever you want.

Only you can take away inner freedom away from yourself.
Nobody else can.  
-Michael Singer

For more information on the Law of Attraction and how you can begin your journey to a more abundant life using the Law of Attraction, visit me at my website at: www.rachelgolan.com.

Smile BIG:)